Yiddish Word of the Week

For those interested, Haynt (“Today”) was a Yiddish-language newspaper published in Warsaw, Poland, between the years 1908 and 1939. Its last editor, Chaim Finkelstein, published a history of the paper entitled Haynt: A Tsaytung bay Yidn (היינט: א צייטונג ביי יידן) - Haynt: A Newspaper among Jews in 1978. It was subsequently translated into English by chapter and is available in both the Yiddish original and English translation here.

In addition, just for fun, I thought you might enjoy reading about Johann Heinrich Callenberg’s 1736 Jüdischteutsches Wörterbüchlein (Jewish-German Dictionary), a small dictionary of early modern Hebrew and Yiddish terms used by Christian missionaries to communicate with Yiddish-speaking Jews, in this post from the OnTheMainLine blog.